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25 Stunning Shades of Ash Blonde Hair Color

Let’s talk about some of the most gorgeous ash blonde hair color ideas!

If you didn’t already know, “ash blonde” just means that the blonde has blue undertones… giving it an overall “ashy” look.

Frosty silver blondes have been going strong for a few years now, and they aren’t going away any time soon. But if you’re interested in this look, you might need a little hair inspo.

Which is where I come in…

Here are 25 of my absolute favorite ash blonde hair color ideas on the planet! You won’t be disappointed…

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Are you looking for the perfect shade of ash blonde hair color? This ultimate guide will help you with some serious hair inspo!

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Ash Blonde Hair Color


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What does ash blonde look like?

Ash blonde has blue undertones, giving it a smoky look. It can range from subtle to full-blown silver.

Does ash blonde cover orange?

Since ash blonde has blue undertones, it can be used to neutralize orange tones in the hair. But keep in mind that it may be less ashy than if applied to light blonde hair since blue and orange tones will cancel each other out.

Is ash blonde flattering?

Ash blonde can be flattering on some people but looks best with subtle tones. If it becomes too silvery, it may look like grey hair and make the wearer look older than they are.

Does ash blonde make you look older?

It can make you look older if there is too much grey present. If you are worried about looking older, it’s best to go with subtle tones.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts Icon

If you’re looking for a subtle, yet silvery shade of blonde hair color, then ash may be the perfect choice for you.

With so many different color variations, it may be necessary to see some different shades before committing to one color. With this guide, I’m confident that you’ll pick the perfect hair color for your needs!

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Your Turn: What do you think about these ash blonde hair color shades? Have you ever had ash blonde hair? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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