Let’s talk about all the amazingly different types of mohawk hairstyles for women…

A trendy hawk is the perfect way to add some edge to your current hairstyle. Check out 10 different types of mohawk hairstyles for women...

Mohawk hairstyles have become increasingly popular in the past few years, with everyone from Miley Cyrus to Rihanna cutting their hair into edgy faux hawks.  Additionally, numerous hairstyle ideas and hair tutorials have flooded the internet with ways to create some fantastic mohawk hairstyles without chopping off your locks.

So now, you probably need some hair-spiration, right? Here are some of the different types of mohawk hairstyles for women.

Different Types of Mohawk Hairstyles for Women:

A trendy hawk is the perfect way to add some edge to your current hairstyle. Check out 10 different types of mohawk hairstyles for women...

1. The Bubble Hawk

Let’s kick off this list with the super popular “bubble hawk” hairstyle.  This is such a cute and trendy way to do your hair for any party or event, and it’s actually pretty easy to do.

To create this look, you basically just have to section off small portions of hair and tie them off with an elastic.  Then, you just pull some of the hair loose to create a bubble-type effect.  

This bubble mohawk hair tutorial by Alex Gaboury shows you how to do it yourself at home.  It’s a great option for someone that doesn’t have a lot of experience with braiding or hairstyling, in general.  It’s the perfect way to create a fabulous hairstyle in a short amount of time.  

2. Fro-hawk

The frohawk is one of my favorite mohawk hairstyles on this list; it has such a fun, edgy look to it.  The thing to note is that you need to have ethic or kinky-curly hair to pull it off.  In other words, if you have straight, fine hair like I do, it might take a bit more work.

It is still possible to curl your hair into super-tight curls although it won’t exactly be the same.  If you have kinky-curly hair, you really just have to pull the sides of your hair really tight and pin them in place.  This leaves you with an afro-like mohawk.  

If you have to curl your hair, I would recommend pinning it up first and then using a very small curling iron to curl the hawked-up hair.  

3. Mohawk Dutch Braid

This is another one of my favorite hairstyles on this list.  This is the perfect wedding/prom hairstyle for an edgier woman.  The downside is that it takes some braiding experience and practice to make it look good.  

You really just have to do a dutch braid down the middle of your head, starting at the front.  You can either continue the braid down through the loose hair or tie it off; either way looks fabulous.  When the braid is done, take your fingers to loosen it up, leaving a bulkier braid in place.

If you aren’t quite a braid master, there is a pretty sweet pull-through braid variation that is much easier to do (braiding tools can also make things easier).  SweetHearts Hair has an amazing tutorial that shows you exactly how to create this hairstyle.

4. Curled Mohawk Hairstyles

The main thing that sets this hawk apart from the other different types of mohawk hairstyles for women is that the bulk of this mohawk is curled.  It’s also worth noting that there are different variations of a curled-up hawk.

The curls can be loose and wavy, as in the picture above, or can be more of a tight, pinned-up curly look.  There is really no set guideline on how it must be; get creative.

Just remember that to be classified as a mohawk-type hairstyle, the hair on the side should be pulled tight, and the bulk of the hair should remain in the middle.

5. Faux Hawk

This hairstyle is really more about the haircut than the actual style.  Faux hawks should be a bit shorter on the sides and longer on the top, with the bulk of the hair coming to a point in the middle.  

I believe that when girls, in particular, wear their hair in a faux hawk, there should be a lot of texture in the hair.  Various cutting techniques can achieve this or by using a razor to cut the hair. Either way, I think a messy hawk looks a lot better than a perfect, precise point in the middle.

6. Formal Faux Hawk

A fun way to spruce up any formal updo, especially for edgier weddings, is to add a mohawk in the mix.  To keep it more formal, this hairstyle should be really smooth and precise, with the curls pinned neatly in place.  

7. The Ponytail Hawk

Ponytail mohawks are a super fun way to jazz up your everyday hair, and there are tons of variations.  You could either braid the top, or pomp it up like in the picture above.  You can braid the sides or just smooth them out.

Either way, it should come to a ponytail that hangs loosely on your back for it to be classified as a ponytail mohawk.  

8. Undercut

The term, “undercut,” can mean a lot of different things when it comes to hair.  For the purpose of this article, we are talking about the type of haircut depicted in the photograph above.

Like the faux hawk, the undercut is really more of a haircut than a temporary hairstyle.  It’s pretty similar to a faux hawk, except the top tends to be longer and smoother than a faux hawk.  

Additionally, the sides should be shaved pretty short with clippers.  Even though there is a hard line between the short, shaved hair and the long hair on top, the two lengths should flow together smoothly.      

9. Side-Braided Hawk

This mohawk hairstyle can be any variation of the types of mohawk hairstyles listed above.  However, the sides should be tightly braided for it to be considered a side-braid hawk.

The sides can have one tight braid that runs along the perimeter of the hawk like pictured above, or there can be multiple side braids that connect.

10. Traditional Mohawk

A traditional mohawk should have all the hair sticking straight up and running down the complete center of the head… front to back.  The sides are typically shaved on a real mohawk, but they can also be pinned up to create a fun variation of the traditional mohawk. 

My main suggestion is to find some sticky glue-like hair gel and be prepared to smother your hair in hairspray.  

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A trendy hawk is the perfect way to add some edge to your current hairstyle. Check out 10 different types of mohawk hairstyles for women... #Hairstyles #Mohawk #WomensHairstyles #TrendyHairstyles

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