It’s that time of year: the blazing sun, the beach, swimming pools…  All of these elements are super fun but can take a toll on your hair if you let them.  This year, fight the odds by using these 7 super easy summer hair care tips.  Trust me, your hair will thank you!

Between the chlorine and the sun, summer can take a toll on your hair. Follow these simple summer hair care tips for the healthiest hair around.

Summer Hair Care Tips:

Summer can definitely take a toll on your hair if you let it. Follow these simple summer hair care tips for ultra healthy hair this summer. #HairCare #Summer #HairTips #HairHacks #HealthyHair

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1. Use Anti-Chlorine Products

Chlorine? Sun Damage? Check out 7 easy tips that will leave you with healthy summer hair this year...
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Let’s just start with this: chlorine makes your hair icky.

If you plan on doing a lot of swimming, I suggest you look into an anti-chlorine shampoo/conditioner to help neutralize the chlorine from your hair.

*Triswim seems to be the most popular of swim products.  It basically works by removing the green tint, and the smell of chlorine from your hair, along with moisturizing and softening your hair.  It’s pretty much a win-win situation.

2.  Clarify and Condition

Woman at the beach with beautiful, long, healthy hair.
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One of the most valuable summer hair care tips on this list is to clarify your hair about once a week.  This makes sure your hair is free of any chlorine, salt, sand, and any other buildup.  The absolute best clarifying shampoo I have ever found is *Redken Hair Cleansing Cream.  The reason I love this product is that it doesn’t dry your hair out (like most clarifiers do), and it leaves your hair feeling super soft after using it.  This is the product that I use both at work, and at home.

After you clarify, you always want to make sure you thoroughly condition your hair.  One of my favorite deep conditioners is the *It’s a 10 Miracle Hair Masque.  This stuff works wonders to prevent damage and will make your hair feel uh-mazing.

3.  Use Products Designed For Sun

Beautiful woman having fun at the beach.

One of the worst things the sun does is makes your hair color look dull and faded, while healthy hair should be shiny and vibrant.  I suggest that since you probably spend a ton of money to get your hair done, you should prolong the life of it.  If you are going to be in the sun a lot, check out some products that will keep your color looking fresh.

Aveda has a fabulous “Sun Care” line that includes a *Hair and Body Cleanser, which removes salt, chlorine, and buildup, along with an *After-Sun Hair Masque to repair your hair from the hot summer days.  The *Aveda Protective Hair Veil is one of the best products on the market to keep your hair super fresh.  It’s lightweight, water-resistant and will protect your hair from all the harmful UV rays.  Best of all, Aveda products are derived from natural ingredients and they don’t test on animals.  Learn more about Aveda from their official website.

4.  Alternate Updos

Chlorine? Sun Damage? Check out 7 easy tips that will leave you with healthy summer hair this year...
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If you are like me and like to put your hair up in the summer, try to alternate where you tie it up every day.  If you put your hair in a ponytail in the same place every day, the hair tie can eventually start to cause breakage and damage your hair.  I try to change up my style each day.  Sometimes I pin my hair up with bobby pins, and other times put it in a ponytail.  This is one of the best summer hair care tips you can follow to keep your hair in top shape.

If you need some updo inspiration, check out 6 Summer Hair Tutorials That You Should Try!

5.  Wear Hats

Woman in bikini wearing a hat at the beach.
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There are a million cute hats out in the world right now!  Take advantage of it.  Wear hats or even scarves some days to completely protect your hair from the sun.

6.  Condition, condition, condition.

Woman at the beach with sunglasses and beanie.

Remember that conditioner is always your friend, year-round.  I can’t stress this summer hair care tip enough.  Especially in the summer, never skip conditioner, and try to condition every day.  I don’t wash my hair every day because doing so can dry out your scalp.  However, when I take a shower, I just wet my hair, put conditioner in it, and rinse it out, leaving it all refreshed and healthy.  If you don’t even want to take it that far, I strongly suggest *Amika Dry Conditioner; it makes your hair feel super silky without having to wet it down again.

7.  Minimize Heat Damage

Woman with blonde hair at the beach.
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Remember that the beachy tousled look is always in!  Plus, your hair is already taking a lot of damage from all the natural elements, so try to minimize the damage that it will take.

Instead of blow-drying and flat-ironing/curling, try towel drying your hair.  To learn more about perfect beach waves, check out my article, 5 Must-Have Products For Beautiful Beach Waves.

I hope these summer hair care tips help you keep your hair amazing and healthy throughout the summer!

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Between the chlorine and the sun, summer can take a toll on your hair. Follow these simple summer hair care tips for the healthiest hair...

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Between the chlorine and the sun, summer can take a toll on your hair. Follow these simple summer hair care tips for the healthiest hair possible this summer. | 7 Simple Summer Hair Care Tips for Ultra-Healthy Hair #HairCare #Summer #HairTips #HairHacks #HealthyHair

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