10 Shades of Winter Hair Color

Winter is here…in Game of Thrones and real life.

Since I love the idea of frosty, fun colors and deep, vibrant hues, I thought it might be fun to showcase a few of my favorite shades of winter hair color.

Now that winter is here, I thought it would be fun to showcase some of my favorite shades of winter hair color.

PS.  Don’t forget to check out how you can keep your hair healthy this winter!

10. PBJ Hair

PB and J hair is a new hair color trend, inspired by everyone’s favorite childhood food (except mine because they’re gross).

According to Allure, the trend started with Maryland hairstylist, Megan Schipani, on her official Instagram page.  Since her client could not have full-blown rainbow hair, they decided to go with deeper reds, purples, and caramels.

The result: peanut butter and jelly hair.

9. Slate Blue

Slate blue is more of a greyish color with blue undertones.  Since light blue is typically a color associated with winter, this is a perfect (and trendy) way to show your winter spirit.

Want this look?  Let Jingleheartart teach you the ways…

Dying My Hair Silver/Slate | Jingleheartart

8. Icy Ombré

Ombré and balayage-type color applications have been top-rated for a few years now.  For a perfect winter ‘do, melt your choice of frosty whites, silvers and/or blues into each other.

7. Peacock Hair

Peacock hair is not necessarily a new trend, but it is still stylish.  I love the idea of using pastel blues, violets and greens for winter color, and this look combines all of them.

Krystiane Sant can show you how it’s done…

How I Achieved Peacock Hair Color!

6. Rich Copper

Brassy tones are prevalent right now (see blorange hair) and bold shades are perfect for winter hair color.  Incorporating rich copper tones to your hair is a great way to carry fall styles through the winter.

5. Burgundy

Like rich copper tones, burgundy hair (which is one of the 10 shades of red hair) is a great way to make a bold statement this year.

Furthermore, this color is named after wine, and wine should be the staple of everyone’s winter diet.  The rich, purpley tones of burgundy will boldly accentuate any winter hairstyle.

4. Dark Ombré with Vibrant Colors

Once again, I would like to stress that bold, vibrant colors are perfect for winter.  Bold tones are harder to maintain in the summer (think: swimming, sun, etc.), so rock them while you can.  A fun way to tie in bold colors is with a dark ombré.

3. Light Ash Blonde

This is probably my favorite shade of winter hair color.  Since ash blonde has blue undertones, it gives it a wintry feel, while remaining subtle and work-friendly.  This color looks great when applied all-over, as highlights, or even in a balayage.

2. Silver Hair

If you liked ash blond, you’re gonna love silver hair; it’s about as cold as hair colors get.  There are many different levels of silver, but any of them would be perfect for winter.

1. Opal Hair Color

A few years ago, I showcased opal hair in a Trend Watch article.  Even though it’s not a new look, it’s still trendy and super fun.

These holographic hues remind me of sun reflecting off the snow or something of the like.  I think it’s a fantastic way to show your winter spirit!

How To: Opal Hair Tutorial! | by tashaleelyn

Tasha Leelyn can show you some pointers on how to create this look.

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What do you think about these fabulous shades of winter hair color?  Are you going to try any of them this year?  Were there any other colors that should make this list?  I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section below…

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