10 Different Shades of Red Hair Color

Let’s talk about the different shades of red hair color and how to tell the difference between them!

What's the difference between auburn hair color and mahogany hair color?  Keep reading to find out what the different shades of red hair color are!

As a professional cosmetologist, I hear people make up their own jargon all the time.  A lot of people don’t quite know all of the correct terminologies that hairstylists use, but they try to express what they mean anyway.

Then, us hairstylists tend to interpret the actual meaning, not what they really wanted, which could result in an unhappy client.

Since the different shades of red hair dye are commonly misconceived, I figured it would be fun to share with you the actual names for the different shades of red color.  Enjoy.

The 10 Different Shades of Red Hair Color:

What's the difference between auburn hair color and mahogany hair color?  Keep reading to find out what the different shades of red hair color are!

10. Strawberry Blonde

Beautiful strawberry blonde hair color. Read about 10 different shades of red hair color!
Credit: Denise Krenn

The first shade of red hair color we should talk about is strawberry blonde.  To be honest, this can also be considered a shade of blonde, but with a hint of red tint.

9. Burgundy

Burgundy is a beautiful rich shade of reddish-purple that mimics the color of Burgundy wine.  Let’s just put it this way:  anything that resembles wine is A-Ok on my list!

Red wine. Glass of wine. Pouring red wine.

8. Maroon

Maroon is really just a light reddish-brown color. It does tend to have a lot more red pigment than brown, making it the complete opposite of Auburn (which is mentioned later in this article).

It’s also slightly different than burgundy, as it has more reddish-brown tones than purple.  

7. Copper

Copper hair is meant to look like copper, which is a precious metal and typically has red-orange tones in it.  It should be vibrant and finished looking, not like bleached hair that was underprocessed.  

6. Orange-Red

This shade is pretty similar to copper hair but much more on the orange side.  There should only be a hint of red to this color, and it should be ultra vibrant.

5. Cherry Red

Cherry red hair dye looks similar to maroon but with less brown and more purplish undertones.  It’s pretty much just a dark purplish shade of red… like the color of cherries.

A delicious bowl of cherries.

4. Natural Red

Beautiful long natural red hair color. Read about 10 different shades of red hair color!
Credit: Elynx

Obviously, natural red color can vary from person to person but is typically around this shade.  I’ve seen it range from dull brownish red to super vibrant dark red.  

3. Fire-Engine Red

This shade of red is typically only possible with semi-permanent colors, meaning it will quickly wash out.  However, Matrix has a red line (HD Reds) of permanent color that turns out great.

Oh, and in case you were wondering… it should be bout the same color as a fire truck.  

A fire engine, live, in action.

2. Mahogany

Mahogany is a dark and rich reddish brown color, with more red pigment than brown.  If you need something to reference, it should be the same color as Mahogany wood.

What's the difference between auburn and mahogany? Learn about the difference between the common shades of red hair color.

1. Auburn

Auburn, like mahogany, is a mixture of red and brown hair color.  However, it tends to be more natural looking than mahogany, with more brown than red.

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Are there any other shades of red that were not mentioned?  Have you ever had any of these colors? I’d love to read your feedback in the comments section below…

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What's the difference between auburn hair color and mahogany hair color?  Keep reading to find out what the different shades of red hair color are!

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  1. My daughter has hair the colour of a conker. It’s very beautiful. I was surprised b’coz my family are Latin American and I don’t know anyone in my family with red/auburn hair. Her dad’s family are all ginger tho! X

  2. What would you say Crimson is? I use Splat Crimson Obsession and nearly everybody who sees me stops me to compliment the color. I’m looking for something more permanent but similar in color. I was leaning towards burgundy but now I’m unsure. This color fades to a pink not an orange like most red hair dyes. Would you have any suggestions on shades that would be close in color?

  3. There are basically two different reds, cool which has blue tones or warm which has copper/orange tones. From there you can have various shades with tonal and depth of color.

    Great article Hollee…

  4. Red is like blue, or green, there are so many different shades. I’m a natural red-head and I love the way you have broken down the shades! You are right, even natural shades will be completely different.

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