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Red Hair

Hair Snips #30: Hair Color Statistics


Hair snips are fun, quick articles about hair and beauty.  They are meant to be short and straight-to-the-point, so you have an easy time reading them.  For this Hair Snip, I would like to talk about a few interesting hair color statistics.

Hair Snips are fun, quick articles about hair. In this Hair Snip, I want to touch on a few fun hair color statistics. The first thing is...


Kylie Jenner’s New Red Hair | Celebrity Hairstyle of the Month


A couple days ago, I noticed that Miss Kylie Jenner posted a new beautiful red hairstyle on Instagram.  Not only is she part of the Kardashian clan, a very successful entrepreneur and fashion mogul, but she is also widely known for her innovative hairstyles.  She can generally pull off any style, but I am really liking this hair color on her.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that I chose Kylie Jenner’s new red hair as July’s Celebrity Hairstyle of the Month.

Have you seen Kylie Jenner's new red hair yet? This young trend-setter just posted new pictures on her Instagram with a brilliant new red...


Christina Aguilera’s New Red Hair


Christina Aguilera has always been known for her outrageous makeup, hairstyles and costumes.  She was the O.G. of all things crazy.  Although she’s toned it way down after popping out a couple of kids, she still knows how to shock the people.  I present to you: Christina Aguilera’s new red hair…

Ms. Aguilera has always been known for her outrageous makeup and hairstyles, but have you seen Christina Aguilera's new red hair?


Trend Watch: Pumpkin Spice Hair


I will be the first to admit how much I love pumpkin-spiced everything.  At the first sign of fall, every scent in my house is changed to pumpkin spice.  And like most other girls, I very much appreciate the ever-so-popular pumpkin spice latte.  So, it’s obvious for the newest trend to hit the hair scene this year to be pumpkin spice hair color, and I love it.  The brilliant mix of coppers and reds look amazing and they are a great compliment of the fall season.

These days, it's all about pumpkin spice everything.. but have you seen pumpkin spice hair? Learn about the newest, coolest trend...

Pumpkin Spice Hair On The Internet:

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What do you think about this delicious hair color?  Would you ever wear it?  I’d love to read your feedback int he comments section below….

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