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Spider Ring Ponytail for Halloween


Nothing says Halloween like Spider Rings so try an awesome spider ring ponytail to spruce up your style this Halloween!

Looking for a unique idea to spruce up your everyday style this Halloween? Check out the "spider ring ponytail"!

Undead Halloween Makeup


In this article, I wanted to do something fun for Halloween.  When I originally posted this, I was trying to post a Halloween hair or makeup style, every single day of October until Halloween.  This was the first look I did: undead Halloween makeup and I love this look.

Check out this sweet undead Halloween makeup that I did one day. It would be fun for any party or event, and it is sooo easy to do!

First off, I am well aware that my shoulders don’t match my face.  I work at a tanning salon so what can you expect?  If I planned to wear this makeup out, I would either have painted or covered my skin.  For the sake of the article, I tried to crop it out of the picture.

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