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Fun Facts

Hair Snips #26: Halloween Makeup


Do you know the dirty truth about Halloween Makeup?  It may even scare you more than Halloween itself…

Do you know the dirty truth about Halloween Makeup? It may even scare you more than Halloween itself...

It’s that time of year when everyone is putting their last-minute Halloween costumes together and kids are getting ready to impress all of their friends around the neighborhood.  Some of these costumes may even be so elaborate that they need costume makeup to finish off the look.  But do you know just how unsafe Halloween makeup is? (more…)

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10 Common Myths About Hair


It’s really crazy, if you think about it, how fast information can spread in today’s day and age.  If a single piece of information is found to be somewhat credible, it quickly gains a lot of traction and everyone spreads it around.  Pretty soon the entire world believes something that isn’t true.  Like everything else, there are countless myths about hair that most people believe.  Let me debunk a few of them for you…

You'd be surprised how many people believe the same thing, even if it's wrong. Here are 10 common myths about hair that might surprise you...

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Paul Mitchell and Patron?


The other day, somebody mentioned to me that he had just learned that Paul Mitchell and Patron were owned by the same person.  True?  Partially.  Let me explain….

What do Paul Mitchell and Patron have in common? The answer will definitely surprise you...

Paul Mitchell was founded by two young entrepreneurs in 1980.  The iconic hairstylist, Cyril Mitchell (who later went by the name Paul Mitchell) and John Paul DeJoria started the world-famous Paul Mitchell hair product line with just 700$ and a dream.  The business office originally consisted of just a P.O. Box and a message recording.  They sold only the most basic products: shampoo one, shampoo two and the conditioner.  (more…)

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Hair Snips #25: Hair In Forensics


Forensic scientists always love to find a piece of hair at the scene of the crime.  This is because you can tell so much about the person from just a single piece of hair in forensics.

Do you know everything scientists can tell about you from a single strand of hair? Learn all about hair in forensics...


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Hair Snips #24- Golden Hair



Along with 13 other elements, trace amounts of gold can be found in each strand of human hair.

Now you know….

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