Hair Tools


Hair Dryer Terminology

Today, my goal is to buy a new hair dryer for the salon. I was checking prices and specs online when I realized that “there are like, a million different types of hair dryers out there.”  I feel like it’s good to know the correct terms and how to choose the best of the best hair dryers, so I want to pass this info on to you.

Did you know that the best hair dryers use tourmaline? Learn what all the terminology associated with hair dryers means! First, you should...

So here is a bit of hair dryer terminology for your pleasure…

Teasing Tools

I don’t know about you, but I pretty much have to tease or backcomb my hair everyday, even if it’s just a little bit.  Furthermore, most elaborate updos and formal styles require some backcombing to hold the hair in place.  Tastefully teasing your hair takes some practice, but fortunately, there are some great tools to help you along the way.  In this article, I just want to briefly touch on a couple of my favorite teasing tools.

I don't know about you but I love just love big hairstyles! Most of these styles are achieved with various teasing tools. Some of these...

My Favorite Hot Tools

The types of hot tools you use on a daily basis can literally make or break your hairstyle (or your hair for that matter.)  But have no fear!  I would love to quickly share with you a couple of my favorite hot tools:

My Favorite Hot Tools for Curls:

My favorite hot tool to curl your hair with is a curling wand.

Hot tools can either make or break your entire hairstyle, but let me tell you some of my favorite hot tools that will make your hair...