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Hair Treatments

How Do Perms Work?


When you think of a perm, you probably think of some dry, frizzled 80’s hair.  However, in reality, perms are used a lot in today’s world to add texture to hair.  Trust me, they are a lot more common than you think.  But have you ever asked yourself, “how do perms work”?  I know I used to wonder about things like that before I went to beauty school.  In this quick article, I want to teach you a thing or two about perms and the science that powers them…

When you think of perms, you probably think of frizzy 80's hair. However, they are more common then you think... but how do perms work?


Hair Keratin Treatment


Tired of dry, frizzy hair that’s difficult to style?  Do you want gorgeous, shiny, and straight hair like your favorite celebrities? Well, then you should look into getting a hair keratin treatment (aka Brazilian Blowout). This wonderful treatment may give your strands a whole new life!

Hair Keratin Treatment Main

What is Keratin?

The outermost layer of the hair consists of keratin, a durable protein. Our hair, nails and skin lose this natural component under the influence of environmental factors and bad habits. As a result, the hair starts to look dull and lifeless.  A hair keratin treatment replaces missing keratin and thus makes the strands smooth, glossy and well-behaved.

How Does a Hair Keratin Treatment Work?

A hair keratin treatment deeply penetrates the hair structure and does not contain harsh chemicals in its composition. This kind of treatment helps protect hair from harmful effects of environment, ultraviolet radiation and smog. The process takes 2-3 hours and the effect lasts for 2-4 months.

What Type of Hair Does This Treatment Work On?

A keratin treatment can be applied to any hair type and after any chemical process (such as coloring, straightening, perming.)  In fact, it actually improves the hair’s condition. Each time you apply this treatment, you’ll see better and better results.  The hair will start to look shiny, healthy and well groomed.

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DIY Olive Oil Hair Treatment


Olive oil contains essential fatty acids and will help moisturize your hair.  With this easy trick, you’ll never have to buy hot oil treatments again, or go to the salon (unless you live in Carson City, in which case you should come give me your moneys).  It will improve your hair texture and rebuild damaged hair.  It is even said to make your hair grow twice as fast.  Even though I’m not sure if that last part is true, it does make sense.  I remember reading that you can apply castor oil to your eyebrows or eyelashes, which lubricates the hair follicle and makes them grow faster.  I do plan on trying this olive oil hair treatment once a week (which is the recommended amount) and I will inform everyone on the progress of my hair growth.

DIY Olive Oil Hair Treatment

Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment


Women who want silky, smooth hair can now achieve it through Brazilian keratin hair treatment,  which uses a strong protein found naturally in hair, nails and skin. It’s a different treatment than thermal reconditioning, which chemically restructures hair, creating overly straight hair. Keratin reconditions your hair while preventing frizz, allowing your hair to curl, or wave.  It also gives you a chance to flat iron your hair so it’s straight.

After a keratin treatment, your hair will gradually return to the original texture without any in-between stage of awkward growing. The keratin treatments aren’t permanent. They may last anywhere from two to four months.

What Is a Japanese Hair Straightening Service?


Japanese Perm, thermal reconditioning, straight perm, bio ionic hair retexturizing, high-tech perm.  What do all of these names have in common, you ask?  They are all different names for one service:  the Japanese hair straightening service.

Have you ever heard of Japanese Hair Straightening? Learn all of the details about this fabulous hair service...

A Japanese hair straightening service is slightly similar to a Brazilian blowout, but also more like a reverse perm.  Because of the negative connotation associated with Brazilian blowouts, I decided to write about this safer alternative.  In addition, this service will leave you with permanent pin-straight hair until it grows out. (more…)

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