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Woman Grows Fingernails In Place Of Hair


Have you ever heard the story where the woman grows fingernails in place of her hair?  Shanyna Isom, a 28-year-old woman from Memphis, Tennessee has a rare skin condition that causes her to grow nails where hair should grow.  It is so rare, in fact, that she is the only person in the world with this disease.  So far, this disease has cost her whole future and more money than you can imagine.

Have you heard the story where the woman grows fingernails in place of her hair? Shanyna Isom has a rare disease that...


The Bad Hair Bandit


The “Bad Hair Bandit” is Cynthia Van Holland’s new nickname.  Van Holland is 48 years old, a former prison nurse and now a convicted bank robber.

Have you heard the story of the "bad hair bandit?" If not, you should...

Van Holland was arraigned in court on July 13th, 2012 on 21 counts of bank robbery. (more…)

Stolen Hair Extensions Worth $230K


Did you ever hear the story of the stolen hair extensions?  On July 7th, 2012, $230,000 worth of hair extensions were stolen from a beauty supply store overnight in Chicago.

Have you heard that story of the stolen hair extensions? If not, you gotta read it...

Don Shin, owner of 35th Street Beauty Supply, came to work Sunday morning to realize that his most valuable merchandise had disappeared.  “They knew what they were doing. They didn’t take any of the cheap stuff,” Shin said. “This is an investment for me.  It’s hard to find the natural hair right now, it isn’t always available. So when I have a chance, I buy it.”   Real human hair extensions steadily increase in price as they become more popular.

Haitian Hairstylists in the Streets


Unless you live under a rock, you probably know that Haiti was almost wiped off the map by a huge earthquake in  2010.  The disaster nearly destroyed the capital city, Port-au-Prince and sadly left over 300,000 residents dead.  Before the earthquake hit, the “Iron Market” housed many commercial businesses including countless Haitian hairstylists.  Unfortunately the Iron Market was severely damaged during the disaster, but that didn’t stop the hairstylists from doing work….

Have you heard the story of the Haitian Hairstylists that continued doing hair in the street after the huge Haiti earthquake in 2010.

Hair Tie Causes Fractured Skull


Have you ever heard the story of when a young girl fractured her skull on a basic “Hello Kitty” hair tie?  A little girly pink hair tie hardly looks like a lethal weapon…

Have you ever heard that story when a girl fractured skull from a basic "Hello Kitty" hair tie?

But tell that to 7-year-old Mya Bartlett, who fell, landing on her head.  The hair tie fractured her skull, leaving her with traumatic brain damage.

When Hair Ties Become Lethal…

The event took place in North Carolina on April 8th, 2010.  Mya kicked a soccer ball, and fell backwards on her head.  The “Hello Kitty” hair tie, holding up her ponytail, had quickly damaged her skull.

Her mother, Tristan Waters, believed it was just a freak accident at first.  However, after doing some research on the internet, she discovered that it is not an uncommon injury, especially in active young girls. (more…)

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