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How Does Hair Dye Work? The Interesting Science Behind It…


Long before I ever thought about doing hair, I was intrigued by the chemistry behind it.  I remember wondering to myself, “how does hair dye work?” almost every time I would get my hair done.  I mean, it made no sense to me.  You put something on your hair and it changes the color to whatever you want.  Is it magic? There has to be a reasonable explanation, right?  Well, it’s actually quite simple….

Have you ever wondered to yourself, "How does hair dye work"? Well, the first thing you should know about hair color is...


The 5 Hottest Summer 2016 Hairstyles


Are you ready to take on the summer?  Since it is now officially summer, I want to touch on some of the newest trends of the season.  Check out 5 of the hottest summer 2016 hairstyles and trends to keep you #OnPoint this year.

Are you ready to take on the summer? Check out 5 of the hottest summer 2016 hairstyles and trends to keep you #OnPoint this year.


10 Common Myths About Hair


It’s really crazy, if you think about it, how fast information can spread in today’s day and age.  If a single piece of information is found to be somewhat credible, it quickly gains a lot of traction and everyone spreads it around.  Pretty soon the entire world believes something that isn’t true.  Like everything else, there are countless myths about hair that most people believe.  Let me debunk a few of them for you…

You'd be surprised how many people believe the same thing, even if it's wrong. Here are 10 common myths about hair that might surprise you...

Different Types of Hairspray


Finishing spray?  Shine spray?  What is the difference?  There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the perfect hairspray for your everyday style.  Let me take this opportunity to explain to you all about the different types of hairspray available on the market.

Finishing spray? Shine spray? What is the difference? Let me teach you the different types of hairspray!

What is Hairspray?

Hair spray (aka lacquer or spritz) is defined as a solution that is sprayed onto the hair to hold it in place.  The solution is made of long, chainlike molecules called polymers, that add structural support to the hair.  Basically, this just makes your hair either stick to other pieces of hair, or stiffen, making it difficult for it to move.

13 Different Types of Haircuts


When you go to the hair salon to get a haircut, do you know exactly how to communicate the type of hairstyle you want?  A lot of people don’t know, and will accidentally tell the hairstylist that they want something other than what they really want.  There are many variations of these haircuts, but I want to share with you the basics.  Here are 13 different types of haircuts:

13. Blunt Haircut

Jamie King with a blunt haircut. Check out 12 other different types of haircuts.
This is the most basic form of haircut.  This is literally where the hair is cut straight across, with no elevation (meaning the hair falls exactly like it would).  The result is a very hard line with no texture.

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