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The Benefits of Handmade Soap


My husband’s best friend was up visiting last summer, and we happened to go into a store that sold handmade soap.  “Have you guys ever tried handmade soap?” he asked us.  When we told him no, he said “I’m telling you: you need to try it.  You will never want to use anything else again.”  We decided that it was worth a try, and purchased a 7$ bar of soap.  Since then, we have not used anything else, although we have found better deals on natural soap at flea markets, online, etc.

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Did you know that most bars of “soap” in the store are sold as beauty bars, body bars, or moisturizing bars?  This is because they are detergents, not soap.  Legally, they cannot be sold as “soap” when the good ingredients have been replaced with harsh chemicals and synthetic lathering agents.

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Fat Kid Gets Waxed (Oldie but Goodie)


I made this hilarious video a few years back, in which I wax my overweight cousin’s chest, armpits, and back.  Do you think I am a horribly mean person?  Well think again, this entire video was his idea (even the title, “Fat Kid Gets Waxed”); I was just happy to oblige.  He actually really loved the end result (after the tears and pain).  In fact, he has been asking me to wax him again recently.  I think it is pretty dang hilarious.  I hope you enjoy!

Fat Kid Gets Waxed:

Do you think I am a horrible cousin?  Did you think this was funny?  Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

You'll love this hilarious video, "Fat Kid Gets Waxed." In this super funny video, I wax my overweight cousin's armpit, chest, back and more..

50 Fun Facts about Cosmetics


Who doesn’t love random fun facts to pass the time?  As a result of that assumption, I present to you this fun article called “50 Fun Facts About Cosmetics”…

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Facts About Cosmetics 1-10:

1.  The FDA regulates makeup along with food, over-the-counter drugs, and medical devices.  Furthermore, the FDA can stop the sale of any cosmetic product at any time if they see it unsafe.

2. The word “cosmetic” comes from the Greek word “kosmos”, which means “of this world” or “worldly”.

3.  Since you wash your hands more than your face, it isn’t good to match makeup to the skin tone on your hands.  This could probably make you chose a darker or more redder tone than your face.

  1.  Women used to pinch their cheeks to give themselves rosy cheeks before blush was invented. (more…)