Is Mineral Oil Bad For Your Skin and Hair? The Answer May Surprise You.

Did you know that mineral oil is commonly found in many hair and skin products?  Although it has been used in cosmetics for many years, does that make it good for you?  There are countless ingredients that are bad for you, that are often found in beauty products (see The 10 Worst Ingredients In Hair Products).  Most of these can actually damage your skin and hair, even though they are supposed to be making them better.  On the other hand, some of these ingredients are said to be safe in small quantities.  So the question remains: is mineral oil bad for your skin and hair?  Let me explain…

It's an ingredient commonly found in many beauty products, but is mineral oil bad for your skin and hair? Let me explain what it does...

Fat Kid Gets Waxed (Oldie but Goodie)

I made this hilarious video a few years back, in which I wax my overweight cousin’s chest, armpits, and back.  Do you think I am a horribly mean person?  Well think again, this entire video was his idea (even the title, “Fat Kid Gets Waxed”); I was just happy to oblige.  He actually really loved the end result (after the tears and pain).  In fact, he has been asking me to wax him again recently.  I think it is pretty dang hilarious.  I hope you enjoy! Fat Kid Gets Waxed: Do you want to do your own waxing at home?  I recommend using the starter kit by Gigi! Your Turn: Did you enjoy this video?  I’ll love you forever if you share it on your favorite social media site! Do you think that I’m a horrible cousin?  Did you think this was funny?  I’d love to read your feedback in the comments section below..