Want to win an Ulta gift card?  I hope you said “yes,” because I’m giving away TWO Ulta gift cards to two lucky winners this month… and I made it super easy to enter the contest.  Check out the deets on HolleewoodHair.com’s March 2018 giveaway and join before the end of the month to be entered in this contest!

Want to win an Ulta gift card? Well lucky for you, I'm giving away TWO Ulta gift cards to TWO lucky winners in my March 2018 Giveaway!

The Deets:

Okay, listen up.  I made it super easy to join my giveaway this month.  I’ve noticed that many bloggers are making it harder and harder to join and I wanted to bring simplicity back to the table.

To enter the contests:

  • Follow me on Instagram and then comment “I want to win!” on the giveaway post!
  • Like HolleewoodHair on Facebook and then comment “I want to win!” on the pinned giveaway post!
  • ***At this time, my Facebook page has been reported as spam by someone.  I’m not sure why, as I only post one article per day (I think two on the weekend days).  I may or may not have lost everyone that entered that contest since my facebook page is completely down.  I hope not.  I have contacted Facebook and I am just waiting for it to hopefully be fixed as this is a legitimate blog and not a spammy website.  If it isn’t fixed in time, I will pull two winners from the Instagram thread.  I will keep you updated. 

See?  Easy Peasy.


  • You may enter both contests.
  • On March 31st, I will randomly select two winners, using software that randomly selects winners from social media feeds.
  • You must be following me from active, legitimate Facebook and Instagram accounts with multiple friends.  If the shares are on an “empty shell” type account, the entry will be disqualified.
  • When the winners have been chosen, I will contact them to get mailing information, so I know where to send the Ulta gift cards.  If I do not receive a response, I will attempt to contact the winner once more the following day.  In the event that there is still no response after the second attempt, I will choose a different winner.
  • Once I receive a mailing address, I will send the card out immediately.  I can’t wait for you to buy some awesome new products!
  • As of now, I plan to host different giveaways each month.  I plan to give away high-end makeup, gift cards, hair products and more.  I encourage you to stay subscribed and enter more contests.

Thank you so much for your continued support!  I hope you win!


Hollee Wood is a professional hairstylist with over 10 years of experience in the hair industry. She loves teaching about the science of hair along with everything else beautiful.


  1. Pauline Milner Reply

    I follow Holleewood Hair on Facebook and I want to win! Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity!

  2. Pauline Milner Reply

    I follow on Instagram under @paulinemilner and I want to win! Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity!

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