February 2017


25 Totally Relatable Memes About Beauty

Do you love beauty?  Do you spend countless hours watching makeup tutorials on Youtube?  Can you not walk through Sephora or Ulta without dropping at least 100$ on fantastic products?  If you answered “yes” to these questions, odds are that you are a beauty addict.  Here are 25 totally relatable memes about beauty that any typical hair or makeup enthusiast can relate to….

When you can’t let go of your good brows…

Are you addicted to beauty products? Do you spend hours following tutorials online? If so, you'll love these relatable memes about beauty...

How Do Perms Work?

When you think of a perm, you probably think of some dry, frizzled 80’s hair.  However, in reality, perms are used a lot in today’s world to add texture to hair.  Trust me, they are a lot more common than you think.  But have you ever asked yourself, “how do perms work”?  I know I used to wonder about things like that before I went to beauty school.  In this quick article, I want to teach you a thing or two about perms and the science that powers them…

When you think of perms, you probably think of frizzy 80's hair. However, they are more common then you think... but how do perms work?

6 Valentine’s Day Hair and Makeup Ideas

It’s that time of year again!  Whether you choose to celebrate or not, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  Unfortunately it is on a Tuesday and so it might be hard to spend too much time getting ready for your hot date this year.  Check out some of these awesome Valentine’s Day hair and makeup tutorials to simplify your life a little bit… 1. The Half-Up Heart <3 This half-up heart hairstyle by Cute Girls Hairstyles is super easy and super cute.  This style will literally take you a few minute to do, but if you can have someone help you, it might be even easier.  You only need a couple of rubber bands and some hair wax or hairspray.