Camping is one of the best ways to spend your summer but is your hair protected? Here are five simple hair tips for camping that will make...

3. Braids

Braids are a fantastic way to keep your hair neatly styled while camping.  They keep your hair tight against your head, which prevents it from becoming tangled.  They also don’t require much hair product to look good.  There are so many fashionable ways to do braids, so take advantage of them and keep your hair safe.

4. Extra Conditioner

When you know that you are going to be exposing your hair to the elements and will be unable to condition your hair for a while, take extra care to condition it before you go.  Do a good at-home deep conditioning treatment (I recommend Joico K-Pak Reconstructor) right before braving the outdoors.  This will give your hair a little boost through your trip.

Another thing you can do is use some leave-in conditioner while you are out.  This tip is especially good if you plan on doing some swimming.  If you will be swimming, apply some leave-in conditioner to your towel-dried hair and comb through.  If not, you can still apply it on a daily basis.  The only thing you should remember is to focus the conditioner more towards the ends of your hair.  If you put too much near the scalp, your hair will become more greasy.

5. Keep It Combed

As I have mentioned multiple times in this post, when your hair gets tangled, it is more susceptible to damage.  It can get snagged on anything and will break right off.  The best thing to do is make sure that your hair is not tangled.  If you are wearing braids, make sure to comb it at the end of the day.  If you are wearing it down, make sure to comb it more often to prevent those risky tangles.

Your Turn:  Do you have any other hair tips for camping?  Have you tried any of these?  I’d love to read your feedback in the comments section below…

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Hollee Wood is a professional hairstylist with over 10 years of experience in the hair industry. She loves teaching about the science of hair along with everything else beautiful.

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