May 2016


What is Moroccan Oil?

I’m sure you’ve probably heard of Moroccan oil before, as it has become increasingly popular over the last few years.  But do you really know what it is or why people love it?  Or what type of hair it should be used on?  Let me teach you all about this miracle product…

I'm sure that you've probably heard of Moroccan oil by now, but do you know what it is? Learn all about it...

Different Types of Hairspray

Finishing spray?  Shine spray?  What is the difference?  There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the perfect hairspray for your everyday style.  Let me take this opportunity to explain to you all about the different types of hairspray available on the market.

Finishing spray? Shine spray? What is the difference? Let me teach you the different types of hairspray!

What is Hairspray?

Hair spray (aka lacquer or spritz) is defined as a solution that is sprayed onto the hair to hold it in place.  The solution is made of long, chainlike molecules called polymers, that add structural support to the hair.  Basically, this just makes your hair either stick to other pieces of hair, or stiffen, making it difficult for it to move.

Paul Mitchell and Patron?

The other day, somebody mentioned to me that he had just learned that Paul Mitchell and Patron were owned by the same person.  True?  Partially.  Let me explain….

What do Paul Mitchell and Patron have in common? The answer will definitely surprise you...

Paul Mitchell was founded by two young entrepreneurs in 1980.  The iconic hairstylist, Cyril Mitchell (who later went by the name Paul Mitchell) and John Paul DeJoria started the world-famous Paul Mitchell hair product line with just 700$ and a dream.  The business office originally consisted of just a P.O. Box and a message recording.  They sold only the most basic products: shampoo one, shampoo two and the conditioner.