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Year: 2015

Happy Holidays!


2015 was’s best year in existence… but we couldn’t have done it without you!  We want to wish you safe and happy holidays this season to enjoy some good times with family and friends.  Thank you all so much for your continued support!!!

Happy Holidays from

5 Flawless Looks for Christmas


Odds are that you are going to be spending some time with your family and friends over the next few days for Christmas (or any other holidays you celebrate).  Grandma’s coming to town and you want to look your best!  I have pulled together a few tutorials of perfect, flawless looks for Christmas, this year so you can easily look your absolute best, while focusing on the more important things.

Here are a few tutorials of flawless looks for Christmas, so you can look your absolute best, while focusing on more important things...

 1. Simple Class

The first tutorial I want to share with you is from JennyG‘s Youtube channel.  I love this because it is so simple, yet so stunning!  She wears a shimmery smokey eye with winged eyeliner.  (more…)

The Wen Disaster


I’m sure that this is probably old news to many of you but I feel compelled to write about the Wen disaster as I have previously written articles raving about Wen.  If you haven’t already heard, Wen has been in the news recently.  Two hundred people have joined a class-action lawsuit against Wen, saying that the hair product line has caused their hair to fall out, possibly forever.

Did Wen mess up your hair? Read about the negative reviews and lawsuit.

Wen Cleansing Conditioner claims to clean hair without the use of harsh chemicals, but many women are claiming that it also causes dryness, hair thinning, hair loss and significant damage to their hair, hence the “Wen disaster.”

The company was founded by celebrity stylist, Chaz Dean, whose clients include Jennie Garth, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Alyssa Milano.  Dean uses Wen cleansing conditioner in his Hollywood salon.  “I want to ultimately re-educate everyone on how they can best cleanse and nourish the scalp and hair,” Chaz says.  “I want to change the world, one head at a time.”

Wen claims to work by using natural botanicals, herbs and extracts to hydrate and cleanse your hair without the use of harsh sulfates.  Their website states that “the perfect mixture and blend of its ingredients leaves your hair healthy-looking, moisturized, and cleansed.” There are also endorsements from celebrities such as Brooke Shields and Alyssa Milano stating things like that Wen dramatically changed the appearance of their hair and that they haven’t seen this type of shine, volume and texture since they were young.

My December Glam Bag from Ipsy


Shortly after I wrote my last post about Ipsy, I received my December glam bag.  It has some pretty cool stuff (from Tarte Cosmetics, CoSTUME NATIONAL, Marc Anthony Hair Care, Elizabeth Mott and Pacifica) in it and I am excited to share my experience with everyone.Check out what was in my December Glam Bag from Ipsy!

Trend Watch: Half-Up Ponytail


Check out the half-up, half-down high ponytail, one of the hottest hair trends of 2015.

I’ve started to notice more and more that the girls of 2015 are wearing their hair in half-up, half-down high ponytails.  This trend likely came from Miss Ariana Grande, who was known for wearing her hair in a signature big half-up ponytail last year.

Ariana Grande with a half-up, half-down high ponytail, one of the hottest hair trends of 2015.

But this year, many other celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Lauren Conrad and Jennifer Lopez have adopted this trendy hairstyle.

Although you can wear the ponytail anywhere on your head, wear it up high to be ultra-trendy.

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