So I am pretty new in the world of hair extensions, and I have learned so much about them in the last few months.  We sell human hair extensions at Sally Beauty Supply and I was not 100% sure what the different types meant until I wrote this article…

Did you ever wonder where human hair extensions actually come from? This article is super interesting! #Hairstylist #Hair #HairExtensions #Interesting #BeautyBlogger

Now, luckily for you, I am going to explain what the main difference between Remy and Yaki hair is and explain some other hair extension terminology.

Remy Hair

Remy Hair Extensions - Do you know where human hair extensions come from? Learn all the details....

Remy hair is the highest grade, best quality human hair you can buy.  The reason for this is that all the hair comes from the same person, and all the cuticles are still all facing the same direction.

Virgin Remy Hair is remy hair that has not been permed, colored or chemically treated in any way.

Single Drawn Remy Hair is remy hair that is made of all different lengths as they grow naturally on the head.  This makes the hair look extremely natural.

Double Drawn Remy Hair is remy hair that is still in layers like the single drawn hair, but the lengths are only within one or two inches of each other.

Final Grade Remy Hair is remy hair that has been double drawn, so that all pieces of hair are the same length.

Although Remy hair comes from multiple sources around the world, it commonly comes from India.  This is because the texture and color can be easily matched to most types of hair.

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Hollee Wood is a professional hairstylist with over 10 years of experience in the hair industry. She loves teaching about the science of hair along with everything else beautiful.

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