I recently came across a question on a forum about hairlines.  The person asked, “how do you know if you have a low, medium or high hairline?”  She said that she searched all over the internet for an answer, with no success.  I decided to take initiative and post about the different types of hairlines.

This may seem like a pretty basic topic, but I do want to clarify what the different types of hairlines are to those who don’t know.

Low Hairline:

People with a low hairline typically have a hairline closer to their eyebrows.  There is really no set standard to measure a low hairline, since everyone is different.  I would estimate that if your hairline is a few inches above your eyebrows, it is considered to be low.  If you aren’t happy with your low hairline, I would suggest asking your hairstylist to use the edgers to trim your hairline a little higher.

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Hollee Wood is a professional hairstylist with over 10 years of experience in the hair industry. She loves teaching about the science of hair along with everything else beautiful.


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